Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I checked my blog stats this morning and I had over 100 views, which I know in perspective of the billion internet users out there it isn't that great, but I feel pretty damn special. It is truly remarkable how quickly internet can spread things, what messages we can push to each corner of the universe. Yet, it can also be a bad thing. Some people who read this blog probably have no idea who I am and the fact that they can see into some of my most intimate thoughts is scary. Then again, if it really freaked me out that much I wouldn't be posting a blog right?

It's tough for me to write today but I'm motivated to write in this thing as I would my journal, everyday or at least often. I know, how arrogant of me to think my thoughts actually merit a daily blog posting, but ah well :). I kinda want to talk about music today. My high school is a musical school. Everyone sings or plays and instrument (or at least tries/is forced to) and when I walked in the doors 4 years ago I was a singer but musically illiterate. I couldn't tell you the difference between a whole note and a half note (though the name  kind of says it all).

Over the past four years I have become pretty intimately involved with music. it fills my everyday life. I can't live without it. from Bhrams as I brush my teeth to Glee with my friends; Lady Gaga, Adele, The Naked and Famous...I listen to classical, romantic, jazz, atonal, pop, rock, soul...When I walked in those doors 4 years ago I couldn't even begin to tell you why music made me feel how it did or why I loved it so much. Like most people I didn't really know where music came from. Music was just music, sound that made me feel, that I sang along to. And then my world gradually changed. I began to see what  music was made of, how it made me feel what it made me feel. I saw music in the ocean, in the wind. I felt it in the summer sun and in my tears. Music came from what is inside of all of us. Our own hopes, pain, joy, sorrow, anger. It's all in there. It's all in the music.

Some of us like screamo, some of us (like my Government teacher) listen only to Classical music, some of us dabble, and others of us don't "really listen to music" (something that breaks my heart to be completely honest). But what all of this is moving up to is the idea that music is human. It's us. It's everything private and public and beautiful and scary and ugly and amazing about life. All through sound. Music is the most amazing thing in the entire world to me. I cry when I listen to Chopin and I smile when I listen to Freelance Whales. I feel liberated when I turn up Lady Gaga and heartbroken when I listen to Adele.

Music is the most amazing thing in the world. It's so crazy to me just how AWESOME it is. How we all sing along. It's so amazing how universal music is and it has taught me so much. Music in schools changed my life.

I don't know if music is to everyone else what it is to me, but what i know for a facts is that music connects us. It makes us better people and understanding it allows us to understand everyone. Music is the universal language because it moves us all. We all feel it. Music is the only true way to say anything, I think. Because music goes places where words can not. It touches your soul, your heart. It brings out that primal instinct in you to dance and celebrate. So get up. Dance. Celebrate...Celebrate life. It's the only one we have.

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